Next Update

The plan is to update this website continuously with current and past seasons – including regular season and playoffs, as well as the World Cup of Hockey – going back as far as possible with the available data from

2019-20: Updating Sit +/- and GS/60 on a regular basis ** SEASON PAUSED **
2018-19: Complete
2017-18: Complete
2016-17: Complete
2015-16: Complete
2014-15: Complete
2013-14: Complete
2012-13: Complete
2011-12: Complete
2010-11: Complete
2009-10: Complete
2008-09: Complete
2007-08: Tabulating of regular season Sit +/- and GS/60 in progress soon
2006-07 and earlier: Plan to tabulate data as time permits

Sometime in the future, I will attempt a totally redesigned website, including a more robust table layout with filtering capability.  Stay tuned!